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Accomplir notre mission…

mardi 1 janvier 2019

Le monde a la beauté du regard qu'on y porte


Cela fait maintenant 8 ans que ce blog existe

avec à l’origine,

cette photo qui illustrait cette phrase :

“Le monde a la beauté du regard qu’on y porte.”


Ce cycle de 3 ans + 5

est désormais fini.

La boucle est bouclée.

Et ce jardin de fleurs m’inspire toujours autant.


J’espère que,

durant tout ce temps,

Bénédiction vous a aidé

à être

au plus près du Réel.


Voir le monde tel qu’il est,

et non comme nous aimerions qu’il soit.


Si Bénédiction

vous a accompagné et vous accompagne encore

tout comme moi au quotidien,

il accomplit alors sa mission.


Je vous souhaite

une MERVEILLEUSE année 2019.


Scandalous Road From Dedicated Bachelor to Devoted Father of Five

That small earthquake you may have felt was actually just Hugh Grant settling down.

best hermes replica handbags The relentlessly charming actor, whose movie visit this site stardom was threatened early on by scandal but who only became replica hermes himalayan bag more popular after his apology tour, continues to make the most of his 50s. After welcoming five children in the past seven years, he’s now reportedly engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Anna Eberstein, the mother of hbags hermes replica three of his kids. best hermes replica handbags

fake hermes belt women’s Grant’s rep isn’t commenting on the report, but The Sun was the first of several London papers to see the wedding banns announcement publicly posted in the Kensington and Chelsea Register Office at Chelsea Old Town Hall, near the couple’s home, which stood out even amid all of the royal wedding hoopla over the weekend. (Considering Grant’s outspoken dismay about some of the local press’ reporting tactics, the tabloid was only too happy to deliver the scoop.) fake hermes belt women’s

That woman, of course, was Elizabeth Hurley, Grant’s longtime girlfriend (not so bumbling, right?) and business partner, and soon to be face of Est Lauder and star of Austin Powers. They had met on the set of the 1988 Spanish film Rowing With the Wind, in which Grant portrayed Romantic icon Lord Byron.

« Hugh did look particularly fine in those cream britches, » Hurley jested in an interview. « But I think I might have liked him anyway. There was birkin bag replica hbags an instant rapport. He made me laugh. »

high quality hermes replica uk Grant won a Golden Globe for Four Weddings the following January and the handsome couple seemed to be on top of the world. hermes bracelet replica And they were, until June 27, 1995. on that date, a Tuesday, the 34 year old was arrested, along with a 23 year old prostitute identified as Divine Brown, when police came across them in a BMW that was parked on a residential street just off of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. His mug shot became one of the most infamous celebrity wrongdoing images of the ’90s. (He later pleaded no contest to lewd conduct with a prostitute and was fined and put on two years’ unsupervised probation.) high quality hermes replica uk

« Last night I did something completely insane, » Grant said in a statement released later that day. « I have hurt people I love and embarrassed people I work with. For both things I am more sorry than I can ever possibly say. »

Hurley had spent two years primarily living in Los Angeles while Grant remained based in London or otherwise traveling around the world for work but she had moved back to England to re settle in with Grant, splitting time between their Earl Court flat and country home about 100 miles outside the city. She was aaa replica birkin hermes bag in London when he was busted and was photographed rushing from the office of Simian Films, the production company they shared, into a waiting car.

high quality Replica Hermes Instantaneously, Grant torpedoed the fleeting notion that someone could be too hot to be cheated on, a lesson that every generation inevitably learns. high quality Replica Hermes

While his rom com cred was understandably called into question, and the pending premiere of the terrified dad to be comedy Nine Months wasn’t helping, his theretofore fairly private life with Hurley was thrust into the spotlight, so much collateral damage after his epic screw up.

« I think it’s pretty shocking when it happens for the first time, » Hurley recalled on Larry King Live in 2000. « And it’s rather like if you remember at school when you used to go into the classroom and you sensed everybody was talking about you. It’s kind of a bit like that, actually, everywhere you go. And it’s sort of not a really very pleasant feeling, I don’t think. »

Ironically, just as Grant injected a little octane fuel into Hurley’s career, he forever home changed the course of late night television when a pre scheduled promotional appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno turned into his big first apology interview on July 10, 1995.

Hermes Replica Bags « To be honest with you, none of it has been the kind of press you really want. None of it is what you might call nice, » Grant told Entertainment Weekly hours before his Tonight Show appearance. « Curiously, though, the suffering one goes through in these circumstances don’t mind it too much. I almost feel as if I deserve a good whipping. » Hermes Replica Bags

You could practically hear the tension creaking in Grant’s body as he walked out and gave a half smile of acknowledgment to the applause.

« Let me start with question No. 1: What the hell were you thinking? » asked Jay Leno, who would top the Late Show With David Letterman in the ratings that night and then almost every other night for the next two decades of their late night rivalry. (Grant visited Letterman a week later.)

« People [have given] me tons of ideas on this one. I keep reading new psychological theories and stuff like that, » Grant began, prompting a big laugh. « You know, I was under pressure, or I was tired, or I was lonely, or I fell down the stairs when I was a child or whatever. But I, um, I think that would be bollocks, really, to hide behind that, something like that. I think you know in life, pretty much, what’s a good thing to do and what’s a bad thing I did a bad thing, hermes belt replica and there you have it. »

(He was stressed: He had recently told Vogue, « I mean, if Nine Months goes well, then maybe I’ll go on being at the top. But I think I could quite easily fizzle back to subzero quite fast. And that makes me tense. »)

But somehow, it all worked. Grant smiled, he looked exactly like Charlie awkwardly professing wholesale handbags suppliers his love for Carrie in Four Weddings in a Funeral, and his apology was accepted. He literally charmed his way out of what could have been a snafu that, if not ended his career, made hermes mini evelyne replica him a laughing stock. (For longer than it did, that is.)

high quality hermes birkin replica « He’s a wonderful actor, a joy to work with, and I think we should get past this awkward little juncture, » Four Weddings director Mike Newell told People at the time. high quality hermes birkin replica

And we did.

« Contrary to what I read in the paper today, she has been real supportive and we’re going to try and work it out. Time is the essence, » Grant told Leno. « It might be different with a single man, but it’s not funny when you’ve got someone like [Hurley] hurt. » Otherwise, « I’m sure I would be enjoying this [scandal] as much as orange birkin replica everyone else, but it’s horrible when you’re on the other end. »

Hurley was by his side not very happy but beyond stunning in a white dress next night at the Nine Months premiere. The movie, co starring Julianne Moore as his girlfriend, was a modest hit, with perhaps not as many people rushing out to see Grant as they would have sans scandal. Yet that proved to be a blip, as the enduring feel good experiences of Sense and Sensibility, Notting Hill, Two Weeks Notice, About a Boy and Love, Actually were still to come.

Grant and Hurley, meanwhile, already together for eight years, remained a couple until 2000 still call each other best friends to this day. Hurley even ranked him a flattering 10 on the bedroom skills scale when put on the spot by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. (Never mind that they both called each other brother and sister like, even when they were dating.)

Reflecting on how she coped during the immediate aftermath, Hurley told Larry King, « I think luckily I was sort of working like crazy at that time, and I think I worked a bit more. That sort of went into my seven days a week, morning noon and night work stint, which I liked. I loved everything I was doing, and I think I just sort of, you know know, I’ve got great friends, great family. And so, you know, everything turned out OK in the end. »

While Grant had said pre incident that the prospect of marriage was « very scary » to him, and Hurley had said she couldn’t imagine not having children by the time she was 40, the then 35 year old Hurley told King that neither she nor Hugh ever wanted to take that next step, « even though we adored each other. »

Asked if she minded Grant dating, Hurley said, « We don’t really talk about, to be quite honest. But he says he’s very sad and lonely, and stays at home every night having curry and watching TV, but I don’t necessarily believe him. I mean, I think we’d both die for each other to be happy. »

In April 2002, Hurley welcomed her son, Damian Charles, with producer and real estate scion Steve Bing. Grant is Damian’s godfather.

Though he was peripherally linked to a number of women over the years, including Love, Actually co star Martine McCutcheon, he didn’t appear to really be in a relationship with anyone until 2005, when he got together with Jemima Khan (n Goldsmith), the mother of two sons with her ex husband, Pakistani cricket star turned politician Imran Kahn.

Un face-à-face émotionnel intériorisé  je peux être celui qui s’émeut, ou celui qui est touché de me voir m’émouvoir


Cette sorte de face-à-face émotionnel intériorisé est bien traduit en français par la forme grammaticale “Je m’émeus”. Cette formulation implique deux sujets intériorisés, l’un qui ressent et l’autre qui observe le premier, de telle façon que je peux m’identifier alternativement à l’un ou à l’autre. Je peux être celui qui s’émeut, ou celui qui est touché de me voir m’émouvoir. Et lorsque j’adopte ce second point de vue, je me confirme à moi-même le bien-fondé de ce que j’ai éprouvé.

Serge Tisseron

Vérités et mensonges de nos émotions, p 34-35


L’inattendu de Dieu qui surgit à l’improviste dans nos vies


À vues humaines, nous n’aurions jamais dû nous rencontrer, et encore moins nous lier dans une mission commune. C’est l’inattendu de Dieu qui surgit à l’improviste dans nos vies.

Marie-Hélène Mathieu

Plus jamais seuls, L’aventure de Foi et Lumière, p 41


L'intelligence réelle est ouverture de conscience sur un tout autre niveau du Réel


L’Homme verticalisé dans son corps physique pour pouvoir parler doit se verticaliser subtilement dans ses énergies pour devenir Verbe. Chaque étape de verticalisation est intelligence neuve. L’intelligence réelle n’est pas celle qui s’acquiert de l’extérieur, mais elle est ouverture de conscience sur un tout autre niveau du Réel, dans les accouchements successifs de l’Homme à lui-même.

Annick de Souzenelle

Résonances bibliques, p 173-174